Why Would I Have Georgia On My Mind, When I Can Think About You?

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Late last night I had the option to text you what I had on my mind. Was it something crazy and probably problematic, yes. I didn’t send it to you for that reason. I thought it was just not worth the trouble. All day today I have realized how my friend actually feels that the girl he likes so much he can’t have. The difference between me and him is that I actually had my girl. Do I feel like there is actually something that I could have done to prevent this from happening, I’m not even sure. If there was something that I could do I would most defiantly do it though. She didn’t know how much I actually liked her. Is this some kind of test that she is doing to me? I hate test, my ex use to do that all the time and it really bugged the crap out of me, because if I didn’t do them perfect then she was mad, well here’s a little hint don’t be testing us all the time. In this instance I’m not even sure what to do. Do I text her or don’t I text her. Should I fight to be with her even though we have only been going out for like a week? Or do I just let her go and try my best to keep my mind off of her? All these things are racing through my mind all the time and I just don’t know what the right answer is. Now if we were going out for more then this week then I would definitely be fighting for her. I may not be the smartest person ever but I know that if I am with you, then I’m yours and I hope you will be mine. This really kinda got my heart and pulled it right out. Not like that was the first time that has happened but I prayed it would never happen again. I’m just kinda surprised though. The worse part is that I keep thinking about her and then I think about how far I am away from all my friends and it just makes me quite sad. I have been sad before, but this one for some reason has really got to me. Maybe its because I told her from the start that I don’t want to get attached to her and then it just goes away and that’s what has happened. It hurts a lot. But I guess there is really one thing to do and that’s to man up and just move on or fight for her. Right now I want to fight for her.


Life Gives You Lemons, Too Bad They Burned Your Lemon Tree…

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I know I’m no perfect person but I can’t help but blame myself. I’ve heard it all from all the girls in the world and I can’t help but realize that every time I get a girlfriend or someone even remotely close that they are scared away by something or someone in this case. Its hard realizing that every time that there is a break up it always ends with good luck finding someone that can put up with you. Is it my fault I have a disease where I get hyper when I’m off medication, is it so hard to ask for someone that doesn’t smoke, drink, or party sooo much? Apparently it is. My well now both my ex’s were friends which I could have told to be a problem in the first part but when one of them tells the other then changes their mind about us then that’s a problem for me. I’m not real sure about the rest of the world but when “my friend” likes someone I will be happy for them no matter who that other person is. It just bothers me because I actually really liked this girl, she was everything I could have ever asked for. Yea that may sound weird knowing that we just started this slow process, but every time I do hangout with her or even when I’m just around her I get nervous, real nervous. She doesn’t see it, but she says she can read me, well is trying to read me, I don’t think she ever noticed how nervous I really was all the time. I’m a try hard and always will be, never want to see her upset, wouldn’t want to see any girl upset. Sometimes I can tell that life has given me lemons, just they forgot to tell me that they had already rotted. I really hate that.

One Lost But One To Gain

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Somehow my life for taking girls from my friends always seem to work out for the best. Yes I mean that girl still likes me and not my friend but I mean when I talk to you and he doesn’t who do you think she’s gonna fall for? But now I have truly understand that I can’t take her from my friend why he is in like absolute love with her. Mostly cause I have found someone else. Someone who actually understands me. It surprises me still. It all happened today. Yes I feel like I’m just the rebound guy but I actually feel something for this girl. She peeks my interest in a good way. Now in all serious who would take a girl from their friend unless they weren’t good friends in the first place? I mean don’t get me wrong that girl that my friend is just absolutely in love with is completely like real to me and she just seems comfortable and I like that. This girl that I’m with now though is about the same, a little more hurt but I can tell that she is a truly comfortable girl around me and she just enjoys my company. At the end I know that she just broke up with her boyfriend but I mean if she wants me and I want her, and in all seriousness she apparently had a liking for me before this and was just shocked in the end, that kinda was the ultimate factor for me. I told her we would just have to take it slow real slow. In the end I believe that this should turn out really well, and if it doesn’t I guess I’ll just have to move on like I have to do usually because I don’t want to screw over my friend. In it all I see this as gaining in a positive way and losing someone in a positive way too. I am actually happy for the first time in a long time.

Let There Be Awkwardness

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Sometimes its just hard to hide the hard secrets that should be said to someone. Sometimes they should be told right out. Sometimes they are better left unsaid. Previously I have announced that I have taken a girl from my friend. Well, friend now knows. Now surprisingly he hung out with me today. But let me tell you this was no usual awkwardness. Everybody seems to know that with this happening there is some major tension and seemingly a lot of anger. Which I completely understand his anger and frustration. Now I know I am not the only person to ever have some awkward things happen, because if I was the only one to have this ever to happen to them I would be very afraid. The worst part is the whole time he was worried that I would be taking her away from him even though he never had her and he never even really talked to her. Yes I am a horrible person for doing this to my best-friend, but heres the thing. He never had her. Thats the worse part to him. He was worried that I was making a move on her and trust me I never did. I don’t understand why this drama has to enter a very lively life I have been having.

New School, New Problems?

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So for some of us college is suppose to be a great experience, well try this one on for size. I have basically taken the girl my friend has had a major crush on for a year now. Yes that is correct I am a cruel and unusual person. I have taken her. I cannon believe I actually did it. Well it all started with him asking to hang out with him and some friends, me being one of the friends I was obligated to go. Well, him being the dumb one he is doesn’t really talk to her. So what do I do? I create conversation with her. Well after this little hangout she goes do you guys wanna spend the night at my house and us being guys are all like,”Well who wouldn’t!” At this point I am a little worried because I can only see bad things coming from this; and sure enough bad things did happen. She slept next to me and on my shoulder. We go outside to Wally World and she puts her arm around mine. My friend sees all this and is pretty upset about it. Now I don’t know what to do at this point because I’m not gonna be mean and be like no! don’t grab my arm. I know he’s angry but I can’t really do anything that wouldn’t make her angry. Now I didn’t see this coming but he was angry but because of my friend calming him down and telling him that I wasn’t trying anything which I wasn’t. But here’s the kicker. She told me that she liked me and not him. Now after that he tells her that he likes her and she basically turns him down. Now I am stuck in the middle of my friend being in like complete love with this girl that has a thing for me. Now that I am going to college relatively closer to her then my friend and I would be able to see her a lot more then him and that bugs him and really bugs me because he doesn’t know that I am going to see her on Saturday after he asked her to hang out. I feel like a terrible person and I feel like I have to tell him but I don’t want this to end a friendship. Trouble, is all this is.

The First Step Is The Hardest To Take

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The first step is the hardest to take in getting into a relationship. Some people wonder what is the first step in the first place? Well with some experience and some of my own knowledge, the first step is communication. Yes, talking, texting, messaging is the first step. Is it seemingly a hard one? No. It is actually quite easy to do. The main reason most people don’t do this is because they are scared. Some people can’t bring the courage to themselves to talk to someone. Rejection is one of the scariest things to have happen to someone. It really brings the persons spirit down. It could drive someone insane. The first step is communication though.


Now for the real world use of communication. Okay if you can’t get yourself up to actually physically talk to the person in person, then I guess the next best option would be to message them on a social networking site. Don’t be that creepy person and stalk them but just talk to them and try to get to know them a little more until you can actually do it yourself to talk to them. Ask for their number and hopefully you will receive it. I know I have done this in real life. I have experienced pain in rejection and I have had the problem where I go into a little depressed mode because I was so sure that I could get it. If you can get the courage up to talk to someone you have passed most guys in the aspect that you are no longer scared to talk to the opposite sex. I wish you the best of luck. The first step is always the hardest but seemingly easier to overcome.




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Ok so I’m sitting outside this bowling place and so random thought just came to mind. I have a thing for this girl and I have no problem saying that. I have an idea on how exactly to try to win her heart.

I’m going to act like a flower delivery place and go to her house, ask for her, giver her flowers and a note with something that only she would know is from me. Then walk away like it wasn’t me. Hopefully this will work to talk to each other.